What is BMI? Ways to Achieve Healthy Weight for Teens

General News | May-25-2020

What is BMI? Ways to Achieve Healthy Weight for Teens

BMI refers to Body Mass Index. It is used to determine whether a person is underweight, overweight, or has normal weight. It is calculated in terms of height and weight. It is calculated by following the three simple steps:

1. The weight of the person in kilograms and height in meters is taken.

2. Then, weight is divided by the square of the height. The answer obtained is the required BMI.

BMI =Weight (in kgs)/ Height ^2 (in metres)

3. If the BMI obtained is less than 18.5, then the person is underweight or undernourished.

The normal range of BMI falls between 18.5 to 24.9.

If the BMI obtained is more than 25, then the person is overweight.

People who are underweight and overweight need to follow some healthy ways and exercises to gain a normal BMI range.

Teenagers should follow some ways to gain healthy weight such as:

* They should exercise regularly. This will burn their calories and build strength.

* Doing yoga asanas will make their body fit. Also, Yoga is good therapy.

* They should follow a balanced diet and eat healthy food. Their diet must contain vitamins, minerals, whole grains, and proteins.

* They should eat fruits daily. Green vegetables, pulses, oats are very necessary for a healthy body.

* They should drink a glass of milk daily.

* Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is also very important to keep the body hydrated.

* Junk food must be avoided and homemade food should be taken.

* They should avoid food with high fats and high sugar levels. These can lead to obesity.

* Instead of playing online games or watching TV, they should spend time playing outdoor games with friends. This will also help them in overcoming study stress and they will feel relaxed.

* They should do some activities like cycling, swimming, etc. They can join taekwondo, dance classes, and others based on their choice.

*While studying or talking on the phone, they should walk instead of sitting.

* They should eat light food at night and go for a walk. This will digest the food well.

* A proper sleep of 7-8 hours is also necessary for a healthy body.

Remember, an active mind lives in a healthy body. So take care of your body, eat healthy food, and do exercises. Always think positive and stay calm and fit. Be happy and remain healthy.

By : Avni Nagpal

Class: 10th

School: SD Public School