What Is Stopping India from Becoming a Superpower?

General News | Nov-25-2020

What Is Stopping India from Becoming a Superpower?

India a democratic country which is the 7th largest and 2nd populous country.  It is also is known for its place called Agra. As you know because Taj Mahal is situated there. Most people want their country that it becomes a superpower. So, before we continue you should know that what a superpower country is? Superpower is the status of the country when it is economical and in military strength and it has been helping others in everything just like in technology, military, etc. Before covid times, America was the superpower but since covid started America’s growth rate fell like nothing. Also, America has the most covid cases in the world. Most people say that China or India will be a superpower in the next few years.

Most probably India will be superpower because India is friends with strong countries like America, Japan, etc but some things can stop India to become a superpower. First, India’s rich persons and poor persons are not equal. Although, India is the 7th richest country poverty is more populated than the richer. Second is India’s territory because its territory is unstable as an attack from the enemy happens frequently. Although in most cases, India wins but they should do something that the enemies stop attacking or else once (by chance) India gets weaken then the enemy could attack the country easily. The third is corruption in our country.

Just take an example; all policemen don’t fine the politician as a wrong rule has been applied in India. They think that if they arrest or fine them their jobs can go and for this reason, politicians can get advantage to do anything. Fourth is a division of religion as you know India’s population is divided in the form of religion. There are mainly four religions Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and you also know there will be a fight in religion. For example, a recent fight against Hindu and Muslim on Ayodhya to make the temple there. At the last, I want to say that if India sorts out these problems then for sure India will be a superpower.

Ansh Srivastava

Delhi public school, Gautam Buddha Nagar