What Is The Impact Of Music On Our Youth?

General News | Mar-06-2023

What Is The Impact Of Music On Our Youth?

Music plays a crucial role in our lives; One important way to connect with others and yourself is through music. Listening to music while working, traveling, or just for fun is a favorite pastime for everyone. Music is listened to a lot by teenagers. Spotify, YouTube, and other social media platforms now allow users to listen to and access music. Music is not intended to hurt anyone. However, the selection of lyrics and images may hurt a lot of people.

Young children and teenagers may be negatively impacted by intimate images. They might try to do the same thing or think it's a good idea for them to try. They might also ask their parents questions about it, which might make it hard for them to explain it to their kids. It's possible that some parents won't be able to explain things to their kids, which makes them even more curious.

A person's health and well-being may also be harmed if they see music videos that feature drug or alcohol use. Even if their parents or teachers prevent them from doing so, young children or teenagers may still want to use such substances despite restrictions. If the music videos feature a person's favorite band or singer, they might be inspired to perform and claim that they were inspired by them.

In music videos, any depiction of violence or discrimination can also have a negative impact. Teens and young children will use those videos as examples of their behavior, and they may not be able to tell the difference between right and wrong because they are shown to the public through music videos.

Any piece of music would be incomplete without the lyrics, which are equally as important for understanding and behavior. These days, explicit slang and other vocabulary are used in lyrics. It can also hurt children, who may begin speaking those languages without understanding what they mean or refuse to stop.

By : Nitin Sangwan
Anand School for Excellence