What You Should Do When You Feel Like Giving- Up

Ok, so what should we do when we feel like giving up? The answer to this question is you should try till you succeed! Most people just give up. But they don't know what they can do if they just try. You know singers and actors they are so famous. Why are they so famous? Because they never gave up. They tried and tried until they succeed. One should never feel like giving up because of giving up many people's wishes have been ruined. Giving up is one of our enemies. We have to fight and fight against giving up. People have many dreams. Some people want to fulfill their dreams from years, days, months, and weeks. But unfortunately, most people just give up. They say: 'I can't do it', 'It is too hard', 'I just give up'. And this way they don't fulfill their dreams.  I request everyone to never give up and try till they succeed. The best way to not give up is to imagine before giving up that if you don't give up then what can you do. Think that you can do anything. And then try and try. You can do whatever you want to do in life. But you will lose your dream if you give up. Please don't ever give up on life. You will always win in your dreams if you just try. Try is the word you have to keep in your mind when you do something. And give up is the word you don't have to put in your mind when you're doing something. I will just say that never give up and keep trying.

By: Siya Miglani

Class 5

Delhi Public School, GBN


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