Why Art Can Not Be Time Bound?


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

With these words, renowned spiritual writer rightly said that art helps a person to find out who they are, what they like, and how they feel about something while pursuing an art project. It also allows an individual to lose oneself because mostly one forgets the number of hours spent creatively while enriching one’s art.  

Art can be described as a creative activity that one enjoys and cherish. Many people believe that art means to paint or to draw, but this is a misconception as art can be of various types such as visual art, performing art, and interactive media. Visual art mainly includes painting, architecture, and sculptures; whereas performing art generally includes music, dance, and theatre. Interactive media is also a type of art that primarily includes literature and writing skills.

The choice of art may vary from person to person.  So basically, art includes all the creative activities which a person likes to perform and loves to spend time in executing it. As people enjoy spending time in developing the artwork, they develop the ability to sit for hours in fostering their art. One of the main reasons for investing so much time in nurturing the art could be the mental relaxation and reduction of stress which a person feels while accomplishing one's art. Spending time in nurturing one’s art is a good way to calm oneself and stabilize one’s mind. It is the best stress reliever which also makes a person feel happy, it plays a vital role in controlling a person’s emotions and anxiety. Art cannot be time-bound as it makes one feel contented and pleased. Performing art is one of the best activities for mental well-being and happiness.

Usually one does not have an idea of how much time art might cost as sometimes one gets engrossed in it. As time is a precious gift given to us by God, it is very important to save it. Time can be saved by managing it wisely, using it efficiently, and setting our priorities. A person can spend time in executing creative activities by prioritizing and organizing them so that things can be done in an efficient manner. The best way is to make a routine and dedicate a few hours in practicing the artistic activities to calm oneself and to provide mental stability.

Written by- Toshani Mehra

Class- 7 A

School- Delhi public school Greater Noida

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