Why Balanced Diet Is Important for Everyone?

General News | Sep-25-2020

Why Balanced Diet Is Important for Everyone?

A balanced diet is a diet consisting of all the components of food inadequate amount. Having a balanced diet keeps us physically and mentally fit. Carbohydrates and fat boost our energy. Proteins help in repairing muscles and tissues. These nutrients are very important for us and are required for our body in large quantities. Thus, we call them macronutrients. Vitamins help us in fighting against diseases and minerals to help us in physical and mental development. Vitamins and minerals boost our immunity and are required in small quantities. So, these nutrients are called micronutrients. Water is very important to us. Without it, we cannot survive. It swells the intestines and helps in easy digestion of food. When we do not drink water for a long time, we feel thirsty. This happens due to a lack of water in our bodies. It can happen due to a lack of saliva also. Even if there is enough water in our body, then also when our is saliva is less we drink water to increase it. 8-10 glasses of water are sufficient for us a day. Then comes the roughage that the undigested part of plant food. It helps in cleaning the intestine and removed as waste from our body. If we do not have a balanced diet than microbes causing diseases known as germs and pathogens can enter our body and can cause harm. Deficiency disorders can also cause diseases. For Example- protein deficiency can cause kwashiorkor in which the stomach bulges out. Iron deficiency can cause anemia in which we feel week and it's difficult to breathe for the person suffering from this disease. Then is goiter which is caused by the deficiency of iodine. In this disease, the neck swells. So, having a balanced diet is very important for everyone.

-Utkarsh Garg

class 5

Sri Venkateshwar International School