Why hockey is the National Game of India

Hockey as the national game has got a lot of love of Indian citizens since the time of independence. With connecting, youth power hockey became the national sport of India. In India, a sport becomes the national game only by its historical connect or its popularity among the country's citizens. The hockey game as a popular sport was introduced in the British Raj since then Indians had high hopes with their children to join and play hockey for the nation.

In India hockey has a popular legacy in sports and much controversial news that impacted the world in history. By Indian hockey federation of 1925, hockey game a lot of support from Indians. The Indian hockey team was formed by great practice and a hunt of players from all over the country. With great practice and determination, Indian hockey took their first trip to Newzealand. In 1928 Indian hockey team entered the Olympics and won a gold medal for the country which was not an expectation of the world. By entering the Olympics of 1928, Indian hockey team entered into a glorious period till 1956 where the players of Indian hockey team 6 gold medals continuously. The team was the highest scorer and it was a danger for many teams who became their opponent. With the rising popularity of Indian hockey team, many countries regulated their policies to impact the strength of the Indian team. What was not successful because of the determination and hard work of the players. With 178 goals the Indian hockey team conceded only seven in their half time, in more than 20 matches.

1975 was a historic year for India and the Indian hockey team. This year was a celebration for Indian citizens as the Indian Men's hockey team won the World Cup, that was held in Malaysia.

This sport is basically known as field hockey. The hockey game is played among the two teams becoming against each other to score well in the particular allotted time. The player allotment to each team is 11, whereas 10 players are played during the game and one player becomes the goalkeeper of the team. India is the governing body of the Indian hockey team, presently.

By- Kanika Vij

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