Why Sports Should Be Encouraged

When students are engaged in activities of their particular interest, they develop a psychosocial skill in themselves. They not only learn numerous useful skills but also learn to express and discover oneself in front of society. Oldsters with their specific and authentic set of norms and values push a student one breakthrough in his/her life.
But have you ever wondered! How a child could attain peace and live a more fulfilled life also by impacting his/her health and body development? The solution to this question is ‘By participating in sports’.
Sports help a child in many ways like; an individual can easily build a positive sort of behavior and could develop a unique personality in oneself.
As the survey suggests, academics are important, but having any kind of physical activity and practicing it daily a minimum of thirty minutes keeps us fit and healthy and provides us the strength to face any task fearlessly and in a disciplined manner.
Sports teach a child many valuable skills like; Teamwork. In history, no game has ever been won single-handedly whether it’s basketball or volleyball.
Sports teach us cohesiveness and cooperativeness. We feel more valued when our voices are heard, we generally develop a sense of worth which increases our confidence, boosts our self-esteem and self-actualization, and hence, encourages them to participate in further activities.
Sports make us competitive and teach us to cope with a situation in a healthy way. It also brings out an individual’s unique personalities and traits. By being in a specific sports team you could learn about your specific, roles, norms, and relative social position.
You’ll make a bunch of friends with whom you could relate more. Teammates generally spend most of their time together and share fun and exciting moments.
Sports make you focused and more disciplined and doesn’t allow you to divide your attention in any situation. A good sportsperson never leaves a task undone whether it’s a race or a match. One should always complete it.
No matter whether you lose or win but what matters the most is that you simply finish and reach the finishing line. It gives a lesson to every individual to never give up in any situation and try until you reach your goal. It may look hard but it’s not impossible when your goals are clear and will power is strong.
Hence, sports should be encouraged as it teaches us many valuable lessons and would help our future generation to be more prepared and focused which could help them to be more successful later in life!

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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