Workout: A Treat To Your Body

General News | Jul-05-2020

Workout: A Treat To Your Body

You're never going to walk into the gym and hear someone say, "Today you should be doing something easy."

But after 10 years of training, I think one of the most important lessons I've learned is embracing slow and easy gains.

Indeed this lesson applies to most of life's things. And the difference between progress and achievement is down to this. The difference between achievement and progress.

Our society is obsessed with performance. This is particularly true in gymnastics.

I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else. A guy at my gym last week cleaned and jerked 325 pounds and made it look easy. My first question was to him, "What is your maxim? I wasn't asking, "How's your work going?" Or "Have you been making progress recently? ” or “Have you been making progress recently?" My question was all about what it could do, not how it worked.

And the attitude you'll find everywhere. No one will applaud you for going up 1 pound a week. Everybody wants you to try out 10 pounds more right now.

Here's the problem: at the cost of slower, more steady growth, an emphasis on achievement in the here and now typically comes. Performance is so ingrained. Nothing is more critical than developing the habit of going into the gym and not having missed workouts. Avoid trying to make up for the incoherent reality of going faster while you're there. That way long-term progress does not work. Instead, train yourself not to miss workouts, and add weight slowly.

It comes down to this at the end of the day: You 're always trying to bring up a huge number.

By: Sushmita Kumari Jha