Youth is the hope of the fatherland: How true it is

General News | Jul-27-2022

Youth Is The Hope Of The Fatherland: How True It Is

“The youth is the hope of the fatherland,” this was said by the national hero and Thomasian Dr Jose Rizal. This statement reflects his strong belief in the strength and potential of the younger generations around the globe. This statement also serves as a powerful inspiration for our youths to participate and contribute for the betterment of our world.

Now, you may wonder why we should consider our younger generations as the future hope of our fatherland; then let us discuss some crucial pieces of information regarding who said the youth is the hope of the fatherland and how it is true.


Being young is the synonym for change and reformation. The youths play a crucial role in our society because they have the mental strength to face challenges and difficulties in life and overcome them eventually. In those young hands lies the new chances and changes for a better future for our fatherland. The youth can make a better and brighter future for our world and civilization. According to Dr Rizal, our youth play a crucial role in building our nation and hence, can be regarded as the strongest citizen of a country or nation. So, let us discuss the role of youth that can influence and create a good future for our nation.


What is the role of youth?

The younger generation is important for us because they will be our future, and we all know that the building of any nation lies in our future. The youths are the most energetic people among us, and hence, they will never fear facing an unknown situation. Those young people have the mind and ability to learn and adapt to the ever-evolving environment. Moreover, they try to learn and act on those new ideas and beliefs to achieve their goals successfully.

The young people of our nation have the ability to influence and bring improvement in our society as well as social reform. We cannot improve the condition of our country without the help and support of our younger generations. In addition to this, our country needs the participation of those young people to accomplish goals to take our country on the path of progress.

Our young generation not only represents our country’s future but also acts as the main agent of bringing change and progress to our society. They have a great effect on the economic development of our country as well.

Similarly, you can see how the growth and development of any nation need active participation and help from the youth. No matter in which field you wish to make your country famous, you will need the help of your younger generation. Youth has the power to adapt to the changes in society and work effortlessly to enhance our future. So, it is our duty to help the youth of our country to grow up as the most important and powerful asset of our country, as only they can recreate a space for the future development of our fatherland.

However, what these young people will become or do after they turn into adults depends a lot on their mentality, their education, and even their habitat. So, it is our duty to offer them all those scopes to learn and grow as responsible individuals.


What can we do to help our youth?

Now, if you are wondering how you can help and support your young generation, then here are some ways through which you can perform the task as a responsible citizen.

  1. You should support organizations that are supporting youth

Some ways to help your young generation are to provide them with safe and secure accommodations, help them to learn and acquire knowledge, make them ready for a respectable job according to their preferences, etc. these are some ways through which you can even turn any person into a responsible and respectable citizen of your country.

So, you should start the job by supporting an organization that works to provide the youth with safe accommodation, food, and scopes to get an education. You can even support the children of your community as much as possible.


  1. Become open-minded and embrace fresh ideas

No matter how old you are, you should be ready to welcome and embrace fresh ideas whenever required. Young people have the ability to look at various troublesome and longstanding issues in various fields, along with find out several ways to solve them. Even if they cannot resolve those issues, their unique ideas can often illuminate a new way to perform an enquiry in search of a proper solution.

When those young people know that their seniors are thinking about their ideas seriously, they will be inspired to work hard and act as responsible citizens.


  1. Listen to their stories

You need to listen to the stories of the young people before making any decision. They are not two-dimensional characters, and hence, you need to put yourself in their shoes and try to realize their situation. Only then you can know what they actually need to become a respectable citizen and the hope of the fatherland.

  1. You can mentor a child

Another way to help your future generation is to give some time and effort to educate them. Knowledge is the greatest power, and hence, you can make those young people powerful and confident by sharing knowledge with them. So, you should not hesitate and try your very best to educate a few children around you.


  1. Help the youth in gaining work experience

If you are running a business or organization, you can take the initiative to strengthen your younger generation by creating some job opportunities. You can even conduct some workshops to teach them several technical skills and even offer them some scopes to gain experience in their respective fields of work.



Therefore, youth can bring a better tomorrow for us with their mental strength, enthusiasm, and energy. We only have to support them in achieving their goals, and together we can create a far better future for our country and world.