A Life Without Education

Education News | May-29-2021

A Life Without Education

Education is the heart and soul of every child. The child is incomplete without education in his life education. Education is a process by which we learn, acquire knowledge, skills, and habits. It can take formally and informally with any experience that has value to it to make it an educational purpose. There are different stages of education from preschool to university. A child has to move through tough times in his life but eventually, he/she will achieve his/her target one day. A global initiative by United Nations was taken in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4, which promoted quality education for all.

But, have you imagined your life ever without education? The phrase might sound cool but the reality behind this coolness of not studying is very harsh. No human being can and will survive without education. Education is like food which when not taken on time can harm your body and mind. Life out of education is very miserable some of the consequences can be you won’t be able to earn (primary source) and hence without any money you can’t survive plus not even your family can. Secondly, if you aren’t educated you won’t be able to educate your children as well. Third, the world without education will be a barren land of civilization that is just up from the underground. The monuments, trees, beautiful plants, and different landscapes will be missing because for building them you again need to have an education of inches, quantity to be used, etc.
There will be illogical beliefs of superstitions that we can develop our knowledge by black magic and be educated. There won’t be any humanity left among the people because they will not be knowing what to speak and when to speak. The level of technology as compared to the current arena will be zero. Instead of repairing laptops, people will be playing, breaking, and fighting with parts. Without education, the tremendous growth of technology that we see today will be a mirage at that time.

To conclude, I thank the makes of the constitution who added article 21 A as Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 so that we should not see a world with uneducated minds. Not learn or be educate for the people around you, learn and exquisite for yourself to be you. Hence, the world with uneducated minds will be the opposite of the current world so think positive and make the change you can.

By: Hitanshi Arora

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