A New Push for Play-based Learning

Education News | Nov-25-2020

A New Push for Play-based Learning

Play-based learning is a new way of teaching students out of their regular boring books. It is mainly adopted by modern-day teachers who try to make students understand concepts in a better way. It is very different from traditional teaching methods. Here, the students learn values and topics at the same time while they play. This type of teaching method is mainly used for early childhood education, for kindergarten students. Learning while playing helps to nurture imagination and give a sense of adventure. Through this, one can learn essential skills such as problem-solving, working with others, sharing and much more. Such learning style helps children develop social skills, motivation to learn, and even language and numeracy skills.

Some games which are a part of play-based learning are:

Sorting: Sorting is an important skill which kindergarteners learn and practice. It can be using different grains, different types of animals, colourful beads and other things.

Snack time: Snacking is loved by all kids. Making a snack is also a good choice. They can get a chance to count the ingredients and choose their colours.

Reading: Reading is a very good way to learn a language. Parents can read along with their kids. This will gradually make them learn a language!

These play-based learning technologies are a great choice for parents to get along with their kids, make them learn and have fun together at the same time! So let’s support these new ways and have fun.

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School Greater Noida.