Boarding School: Advantages And Disadvantages

Education News | Aug-31-2021

Boarding School: Advantages And Disadvantages

Unlike regular schools, children who attend boarding schools reside on campus. They attend the same classes, eat the same meals, and shared accommodations. Between grades, students travel home during the summer vacation, and some schools even allow them to go home on weekends. You must consider which choice would best fit your child, just as you do with other schools. There is no way to say whether boarding schools are beneficial or harmful on a wide scale. Each child is an individual with unique requirements, and each school has its purpose and vision statement. The key is to choose a school that is a good fit for your child's personality and requirements.


1. Almost all boarding school students discover that they are more self-reliant and autonomous than their contemporaries. They must manage daily difficulties on their own, such as ordering soap when they run out or ensuring that their school uniforms are clean and pressed.

2. As the youngsters learn to perform tasks on their own, both small and large, they will gain confidence in their skills. Children who attend boarding schools are exposed to a variety of activities such as social service, art, theatre, and woodworking, among others. Children will gain confidence as they discover what they enjoy and are excellent at.

3. Because the students reside on campus, they may seek assistance with their academics at any time. For pupils who are struggling with specific subjects, boarding schools can assist in setting up after-school preparation. When students study alongside their classmates, they will always have someone to learn from.


1. Some youngsters dislike the structured life of boarding school and prefer to be in charge of their schedule. After spending so much time away from home, many youngsters may find it difficult to reconnect with their families.

2. Your youngster may not fit in at boarding school due to a large number of students. While some youngsters make friends very quickly, others will have a more difficult time.

3. You could also feel that being apart from your child is too emotionally taxing.

By: Samaira Sachdeva
Delhi Public School, Gautam Buddh Nagar