Can the internet be a great teacher?

Education News | Nov-13-2020

Can the internet be a great teacher?

Internet is one of the most influential innovation so far in the 21st century. With the thriving use of technology, internet connections have not just raised efficiency in our lifestyles but have also conveyed the best quality education in remote areas.

By operating the internet, we can make our lives better as the internet is easy to function. Technology is providing many opportunities for curious learners. It has a vital role to play presently in the improving paradigms of the modern era. It's because of the internet our life is evolving in total alignment, where insight from online courses are available to screens periodically free of cost and mostly with paid mediums.

Internet as a teacher:

Let us appreciate the role of a teacher! A teacher is a consistent guide for a student, who tends to deliver knowledge and access to information at utmost priority towards their pupil. With the help of teachers in classrooms, students get guiding sessions for a limited period, but with the internet, they can now access to knowledge in their pockets. Therefore, a teacher is not just restricted to a person, as lessons now can be taught from many sources. Technology is embracing the power of the internet that is now becoming popular to access education and knowledge on various topics. With the help of good management of teaching software and online platforms for information, teaching has now been accessible and inexpensive for learners all over the world.

Old school methods of teaching:

The technology has now replaced the old school method of using textbooks and notebooks for writing and reading! Making pdf files and recording documents in android phones with full of storage facilities, this has made education handy for students. Even parents can keep track of their children while studying. Wireless internet providers called 'Wifi' is the modern instrument found every for constant internet access. As the new generations are developing a good hold in their abilities for handling technology, the activity of studying is becoming organised.

Smart Applications for Education:

By using smart applications full of interactive activities and virtual tutorials, we can now invite students to learn from new internet teaching tools. Social media platforms and social networking connectivity applications like Skype, Zoom and Facebook are now becoming the source of providing sessions of knowledge to students. These are platforms that are simple and are determined enough for empowering education for teachers and students.

Teacher or Internet:

There is no doubt to say that internet services have to curb all the impossibilities in the field of education but with it is a teacher who brings together in emotions with knowledge. Influencing - emotional understanding among students to provide clarity of conceptual knowledge. As we believe the internet has brought together all spheres of knowledge, but still because of information overload one gets confused in learning a particular subject!

So yes, teachers play a meaningful role in bridging the gaps in education between students. But the internet can indeed help teachers to deliver the best teaching methods for student overall development and understanding.


By Kanika Vij