Contribution Of Technology In Education

 Contribution Of Technology In Education

Technology gives us many facilities, one of them is gaining knowledge, with the usage of technology nowadays we can learn and do almost anything. It is a matter of debate that some times technology affects us negatively but in hard times like we are facing currently; the positive side of technology in almost all fields is emerging rapidly.

Education is a necessity to gain knowledge and getting success in life and technology always plays an important role in delivering education to all sorts and grades of students. Technology does not means games and watching videos only it also provides us e-books, learning sessions, important research data, gadgets which we can use to interact with others, etc. Classrooms are also getting smarter with the use of the latest technologies like smart boards, interactive educational content, smart gadgets like laptops, tablets, audio and visual enhancements, etc.

A pandemic caused by a virus known as novel COVID-19 forces our Government to close all schools and colleges for an indefinite time, leaving the fate of students like us in dark. In a situation like this technology comes as a rescue for us, today technology makes us able to study without going to schools. Technology is now a part of our education system. It is the only way left now to learn without leaving the safety of us and staying inside our homes. Some sources and applications from which we can interact with our school and teachers are like Google Classroom for assignments, YouTube for Education lessons, Zoom app for live interaction and doubt clearance, and many other applications which schools are using to provide education to their students in a time of countrywide lockdown.

Technology contributes much to education and everyone should be thankful for that.

By: Vidhika Chauhan

School: HES, Sharad Vihar

Class: 7th

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