Craze Of Social Networking Sites Among Youth Today

Craze Of Social Networking Sites Among Youth Today

Social-networking sites have taken the planet by a storm resulting in nothing but a revolution. tons of concerns have also been voiced about social networking sites taking up in our lives.

The years of youth shape our outlook, our personality, and mold us into what we are. So, once we get older during a world where our popularity is directly proportional to the amount of “likes” we get on our photoshop-enhanced profile picture, it's sure to have a profound impact on our psyche. the main target and time we spend on creating our brand on these social networking sites may be a standing testimony to the awakening of the narcissist in us.

The craze for social networking is increasing day by day though people don’t understand this world of social networking is really a transparent world and there's a scarcity of privacy. SHARING IS CARING, but sharing on networking sites isn't caring, rather it's giving the culprits a chance to peek into your private life.

Status updates, wall posts, and tweets yell about every move we make, every step we take. We are ourselves violating the sanctity of our personal space.

Social networking sites and social media have revolutionized the planet, bringing us closer than ever before, making life easier than it ever was. we will exploit this and use it for a far better life, a far better tomorrow. It should be wont to connect, stay in-tuned easily, share views, and not waste time.

Hence the BBC Principle – Balance, Boundaries, and Communication – must be followed using social media. it's essential for youth to possess Balance, which refers to the importance of making equilibrium between the youths' online and offline worlds. Boundaries ask the importance of getting clear guidelines about what's and isn’t an appropriate online interaction.

There was the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and therefore the Iron Age – all turning points within the history of human civilization. How should the virtual age etch itself in history depends on us – the selection is ours now!

By: Janvi Aggarwal

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