Curbing inputs for exam stress

Curbing inputs for exam stress

Exams can bring out the best and worse in us. Exams can cause anxiety and stress even in students who are topping the class. To stress over and worry about the exams or certain subjects is perfectly normal. We need to keep in mind how much of our time and attention is going towards distractions rather than studying. 

Several ways to deal with exam stress:

Take breaks

Even an intense timetable will allow you a ten minutes break. It is necessary to take a break while studying for long hours, as your brain and you need rest. Take a short break after every two-hour session and plan your favorite activity at the end when you complete studying. You will stay focused more on doing this.

Go outdoors

One element which impacts our mood is the weather. If you like evenings or early mornings, it is a good idea to go out. Go for a walk, run, exercise, cycle, or meet your friends for some time. You will be more productive by doing this. 

Don't focus on the negative comments

We all believe a healthy comparison will lead you to glory, but not always. Sometimes comparison will give you a headache. So you decide what you want to focus on and whatnot. If you listen to negative comments and comparisons, your peace of mind will be disturbed, leading to more stressing and less studying. 

Talk to someone 

If you are feeling stressed because of a subject, talking to someone who can help you stay calm. Talking with a friend, teacher, parents, or siblings, whomever you are comfortable with, will help you in focusing better.

Everyone has their way of coping up with exam stress. There are several ways which help you stay away from stress-

  • Everyone has their way of coping up with exam stress. There are several ways which help you stay away from stress-Watch your favorite movie or series, but put a time limit to it so that you are not distracted from your timetable. 
  • Drink tea or coffee; both have the qualities to lift your mood. 
  • If you have a hobby of cooking or baking, prepare something which you like. By doing this, you will clear your mind.
  • Take power naps. Sleep it out; the best way to avoid stress is to sleep for a little bit. 
  • Light up the candles or LED lights. If you like scented candles, light them up for focusing better. If you have LED lights, switch them on, and listen to music for some time. 
  • Avoid talking about the exam after it happened. You don't need to know what others did in their paper and what you didn't. 
  • Write down what you need to do before planning to study. A feeling of control will give you confidence. 

Nobody is perfect also failure is just another chance to do better. Don't let the stress get the best of you. 

By Muskan Srivastava

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