Difference Between Depression And Sadness

Education News | May-27-2020

Difference Between Depression And Sadness

Currently, there have been many situations where due to some reasons people get depressed but due to self-satisfaction, they assume that they are sad and some people who are just sad or upset assumes that they are getting depressed which makes them panic. This confusion happens because depression is defined as sadness which we can never escape easily. Therefore, the ones who are depressed and need treatments to get back to their normal selves end up having a worthless life, and the ones who are sad over little events get hyper and start to overreact over small issues.

Sadness is an emotion that makes a human frustrated but completely strong, mentally, and physically. We all experience it every day or once in a while. We practice this emotion whenever we are hurt mentally due to any reason or event which was very disappointing and the moment something favorable happens to us the sadness becomes a passing air in our life and we forget everything just in a moment.

Now coming on to depression, it is the real term for the quote "There are wounds that never show on the body, that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds." Therefore, depression makes a soul so abnormal hat it changes our way of thinking and our behavior in an incurable way. This term makes our life worthless and colorless. Whatever we think of doing we back off due to the depressed feel which makes us demotivated. In short, depression makes our life unenjoyable, not lovable, and won't let us experience joy or satisfaction as it starts to get irritating, having no appetite, not getting enough sleep, and having more regrets and guilts.

This concludes that even if sadness is an emotion that makes us frustrated but it is overpowered by depression because it is much easier to snap out of sadness but depression is a life long guilt that is so hard to handle and for the sensitive ones depression is the synonym of misery.     

By: Sudeeksha

School: Ramjas School

Class: 10th