Difference between Literacy and Education

Education News | Jul-23-2020

Difference Between Literacy And Education

In our daily life, we must've used the words literate and educated or else illiterate and uneducated whether to praise or taunt someone and there are 99.9 chances that the person who uses those words assume that both of them are synonymous to each other which is not true. Educations mean schooling or tutoring but literacy means the ability to read and write.

What Is The Difference Between Education And Literacy

Education means the process of acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, briefs, and habits. Education is the journey from converting a human being into a being human. Only if education makes you a good person it is useful or else all your time and energy will be a waste. Whereas literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Educated are always literate but literate are not always educated, we're always taught to read, to write, to understand therefore we are literate but for being educated, our understandability, our application of ideas, our thoughts, should be in an appropriate direction.

One can also be educated, without being literate what matters is awareness which comes through knowledge. If one is educated, he need not have to prove his literacy. Literacy is similar to formal education which we all learn in our school, colleges, and acquire degrees, but education is what we learn through experience, it is our mentor which makes us educated in the real sense, no matter how much we are literate.

We are all blessed with certain ideas, extraordinary skills, leadership qualities. These leadership qualities, these skills, should be utilized for the well being and betterment of the organization. These should never be misused. Therefore, be educated, not “just” literate, as education remains forever with us where ever we go and literacy remains just on a piece of paper.

By: Sudeeksha

Class 10

Ramjas R.K. Puram