Dowry Pratha

Education News | Mar-28-2021

Dowry Pratha

Dowry system began even before the British time frame. Back then, society doesn't use to think about share as a "Cash" or "Expense" you need to pay to be ladies guardians. The thought behind the shared framework was, to ensure the lady of the hour will be monetarily steady after getting hitched. The goals were clear. Lady's guardians used to give cash, land, resources for the lady as a "Blessing" to ensure their girl will be glad and free after marriage. Be that as it may, when British guidelines came into the image, they limited ladies to possess any property. Ladies were not permitted to purchase any property, land, or resources. Henceforth, men began claiming all the "Endowments" given to the lady by her folks. This standard changed the unadulterated share framework into a wreck! Presently guardians of the lady were viewing at their lady as a kind of revenue. Guardians began loathing their little girls and needed just children. They began requesting cash as an endowment. Ladies were smothered since they didn't have equivalent rights as men. What's more, from that point forward, grooms guardians observe this standard for their potential benefit. The new settlement framework is making issues in the public eye. Helpless guardians don't get any lucky man who will wed their girl without taking the settlement. They need to take "Marriage Loans" to get their girl hitched. The settlement is turning into a bad dream for Women. The instances of child murder are expanding. Helpless guardians don't have some other alternative. They can't stand to have a young lady youngster, and consequently, they are deliberately slaughtering a baby young lady. More than 8000 ladies are murdered given Dowry!

By: Raghav Saxena

Birla School, Pilani