Facts About Floriculture

Education News | Dec-23-2020

Facts About Floriculture

Just as agriculture is about growing crops to serve mankind, in a similar way floriculture is the cultivation of flowers. It is also known as flower farming. These flowers can be grown or collected for ornamental purposes or for decorative purposes or also for the perfume industry. A florist is a person who buys these flowers for selling or for any other contract. So, before knowing more about floriculture it is important to know the difference between agriculture, horticulture and floriculture.

Agriculture: It is the art of growing crops for livelihood, for mankind or for food. It can also be called farming. Example, growing rice, maize and wheat.

Horticulture: It is the farming of flowers, fruits and vegetables. Example, growing tomatoes, lemons and berries. Unlike floriculture, it involves scientific principles for landscape gardening which mainly involve shrubs and trees.

Floriculture: Also known as flower farming it is the cultivation of flowers at a large scale. It is not exactly horticulture but it is a branch of horticulture. It is growing flowers and ornamental plants.

Now that we know the difference between agriculture, horticulture and floriculture, let’s know some interesting facts about floriculture.

• Saffron, an expensive spice grows and is cultivated in the floriculture industry from a type of crocus flower.

• There are over 4,00,000 varieties of flowers around the world.

• Roses are the most sold flowers worldwide as per the flower farming industry.

• In India Tamil Nadu was at the in the top production of loose flowers.

• USA stood at the top in the import of floriculture, export from India.

Therefore, this was just some brief information about floriculture! Your favourite flower will change around fifty times if you visit any such floriculture industry garden!

Toshani Mehra 

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida