Favoritism In Schools

Education News | Mar-27-2022

Favoritism In Schools

Fair doesn’t mean giving every child the same thing, it means giving every child what they need.

Favoritism is a huge problem in schools today. Discrimination occurs between a teacher’s favorite child and an ordinary pupil. It isn’t bound to academics but also on personal levels. If a proper definition could be given to this so it shall be, “The process in which two different people differing in some aspects and opinions are treated differently, and favoritism jumps in, furthermore creating partiality towards one.” It doesn’t only hurt the second person but also creates a sense of hatred and leads to a negative impact for the teacher within them. This favoritism can vary from teacher to teacher in a school atmosphere. The educator might be partial to one in terms of grades, personal behavior, opportunities, or even outside the classroom in terms of sports.

According to a survey done based on 'Educators’ favoritism evidence based on the opinion of pupils, it came out that a majority of students feel discriminated against or have a sense of alienation towards the teachers due to their partial nature. This at times allows the students to feel demotivated, discouraged, or underconfident in front of those students who have this advantage. It was found that students give preference to those teachers who are quite close to them personally. Often additional marks in examinations and assignments are given to fast or quick learners. furthermore, educators also give preference to those learners who hold parallel ideologies with them. In brief, favoritism is an unfair practice held in schools that leads and affects a student’s failure or success.