Festivals in Covid Era

Festivals in Covid Era

India is a diversified land, and Indians love to celebrate festivals. We pride ourselves on celebrating almost every festival of every community. The year 2020 was a year which no one expected it to be. This year there was a halt on all the things, especially on festivals. We can see the impact of covid-19 everywhere and on everyone.

The pandemic and lockdown took away the least of the joys we wanted to celebrate, however not all is lost. There were new rules to follow in the celebration of festivals this season. This began with the celebration of the Holi festival and is still going on.

The wearing of masks and gloves with sanitizer to be carried everywhere is the new jewellery this festival season. The government took several steps and precautions, especially in the festive seasons. People were at greater risk if they gathered in groups to celebrate, so it is necessary to follow the rules.

 The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated without the idol and its immersion in the sea by most people due to covid-19. The celebrations in the days were also cut down because no one was allowed to gather in groups.

The positive side of this lockdown:

  • There will be less consumption of electricity and water.
  • Pollution will be less.
  • Fire and other accidents will be less.
  • A good effect on the ecosystem because there will be less travelling. 
  • Wage workers and garbage collectors will get relief. 

Youngsters think about shopping and going out with friends more in the festive holidays. This time in the covid-19 pandemic, nothing is as it should be; We have spent so much time at home on a stretch. We have celebrated the festival of Holi as well as now we will be celebrating New Years' together it is a time to cherish.

Yes, this year, we witnessed a lot of changes in a way we never imagined. Even we went through so many changes emotionally and physically. But we should never lose hope. We celebrated all the festivals from Holi, RakshaBandhan, Durga Puja, and  Diwali with Eid and Easter in a new and unique way. There was a code of conduct that needed to be followed in all the festival celebrations, but we didn't let it dull our spirits. We all have come a long way in this lockdown. Let us all sacrifice this year's festivals to cherish every other with our loved ones for everyone's safety.


By Muskan Srivastava

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