Freedom Brings Responsibility

Freedom Brings Responsibility

It is a universal truth. Without responsibility freedom of any type can't be acquired. The history of mankind may be proof of the very fact. the traditional man was a slave of circumstances; however, as his understanding and knowledge grew, he became more and skilled. He realized he wasn't around just for eating, drinking, and carnal pleasures; he shouldered the responsibilities of exploring the world; he began educating himself, and he began studying life.

In the recent past folk had to fight very hard to win this freedom from the oppression of selfish kings and feudal despots. The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, The Emancipation Proclamation, the planet Wars, The Indian Struggle for Independence, etc, are a number of the struggles that tell the story of how mankind achieved freedom in several parts of the planet.

We also know the good leaders who spearheaded these struggles, how responsible and disciplined they were in fighting these wars to win freedom. Responsibility is the first prerequisite for freedom. Without responsible, it can't be achieved. those that are breathing free air won't imagine the type of stress, struggle, and diligence our freedom fighters must have done to rally people and resources to oust the intruders from our motherland. This must are possible only after being highly responsible for their part.

Raghav Saxena 

Birla School, Birla

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