Global Integration

Global Integration

Globalization is about the interconnectedness of individuals and businesses across the planet that eventually results in global cultural, political, and economic integration. It's the power to manoeuvre and communicate easily with others everywhere, to conduct business internationally. The word, globalization, is comparatively new, coined within the late 1970s. The aeroplane, the phone, and therefore the Internet are just three inventions, which are due to the spread of globalization. Thanks to the increased demand within the high tech industry around the world, business and industry have the potential for huge profits working globally. So currently, globalization is a crucial concept for college kids in education.  To know and appreciate due to the demand in business and industry to rent people that can work with people of other nations and cultures and if need be can travel independently internationally to market their business or industry. Also, the planet faces global challenges which will take interdisciplinary groups to unravel these challenges; giving access to wash water for everybody on this planet and making renewable energy affordable to call a couple off. These global challenges will get solved through the gathering and sharing of data across disciplines, institutions, and other entities institutions on a worldwide scale. Creating meaningful relationships that employment globally is in itself challenging. 

Avinash Sinha 

Birla School, Pilani

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