Home Schooling: A Boon or Bane

Education News | Oct-18-2020

Home Schooling: A Boon or Bane

Just like a coin has two sides, every good or bad thing also has its own pros and cons. Home-schooling is one such thing which is widely gaining popularity due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation in which everyone is following social distancing and we as students are being home-schooled because schooling cannot be ignored.

Home-schooling- a boon or a bane?

Advantages of home-schooling: -

  • It saves commuting time and fuel.
  • Students can attend classes comfortably at home.
  • The paper used in notebooks etc. is saved.
  • Students can focus on the classes without interruption of their friends.
  • Parents can get an idea of their kid's weak point.
  • Students can become internet friendly.

Disadvantages of home-schooling: -

  • Students don’t have physical interaction with people especially their peers.
  • Some students lack discipline.
  • Online games and movies might distract students.
  • Students might not be able to face the real world in the future.
  • Nobody can have an actual school like infrastructure at home, (like chemistry labs) which affects a lot in understanding concepts instead of mugging them up.
  • Because of all this, the student will become unhealthy and might have a dark future.

Home-schooling's pros and cons were discussed above. Students those are being home-schooled because of COVID- 19 pandemic situation should remember that it is just a fact of life which will end up soon, and they will be able to enjoy their actual school life. If parents feel that their kids are ready to accept and get accustomed to the homeschooling environment, then they can surely give it a try remembering its pros and cons. Thus, it may be a boon for some and bane for others.

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

Class 7





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