How does Peer Pressure Affect Teenagers?

Education News | Jun-17-2022

How does Peer Pressure Affect Teenagers?

When we are growing up, we all had evils or angels of Peer Pressure drilled into us. During the growing age, we all face Peer Pressure which is nothing but the pressure from our friends or schoolmates. This pressure is faced especially at the time of teenage and dealing with this Peer Pressure importantly the Negative Peer Pressure affect the teenagers hardly. The Positive Peer Pressure develops our personality and motivates us but the Negative Peer Pressure is a matter of concern that is difficult to handle for teenagers. Peer Pressure is an unavoidable part of the teenage especially when it comes to trying drugs or alcohol for the first time. Peer Pressure plays a big role in developing social skills and biggest source of emotional support for teenagers it is therefore experienced differently by every teenager and also affects them differently.

Dealing with Peer Pressure helps teenagers to navigate the complex demands of social interaction. During the Teenage, the teenagers prefer the company of teens of their age as opposed to staying and passing time with parents. Peer pressure is very common at this age and if teenagers understand how to handle this pressure they won't be affected by it. Seeking Independence and Privacy is absolutely a normal part of teenage. Between these drastic changes, peers become one of the most important relationships that teenagers poses. While this is the crucial transition the attitudes, morals, and maturity of the pears influence the teenagers in both ways.

Therefore, the Peers influence the exposed temptations and the teenagers become more conscious and behavior-centric. Peer Pressure exerted either directly or indirectly affects teenagers but we can tackle the pressure and overcome the challenges only by understanding the changes during adolescent age or teenage. Although Peer Pressure exerts a strong influence on the behaviors and personality of a teenager it is a very common change. Hence, the teenagers can take appropriate decisions in their friend circle and resist negative influence.