How To Control Aggression?

Education News | Jan-11-2022

How To Control Aggression?

Aggression can be seen as an impulsive and hyperactive behavior where a person tends to lose his or her calm. Aggression can be good for you because it motivates you to achieve your best targets or goals. But sometimes aggression can be too hazardous for you, as when we are aggressive we are usually out of our control and can do something that we might not want to do or harm a person very badly ( can be mental or physical).

There are many ways through which we can control are aggression:

1) Meditation: Meditation helps to calm the mind and analyze ourselves in a better way, it also helps us to control or express our emotions in a balanced manner.

2) Identify your triggers: if you've gotten into the habit of losing your temper, take stock of the things that trigger your anger or aggression.

3) Accept your faults: accepting your faults and understanding the others person's point of view can ease out the situation and then you can come to a solution without getting into any conflict.

4) Don't get easily offended: if someone is trying to offend you, understand that their opinion does not define you. Try to answer them back more humorously and calmly rather than shouting or getting into a physical fight.

5) Add turmeric, Brazil nuts, and pumpkin seeds to your diet. These foods relax you and calm your mind, body, and brain.

6) Improve your sleeping schedule: Individuals who get an adequate amount of sleep each night exhibit fewer emotional outbursts, such as anger, and display fewer aggressive behaviors.

7) Talk to your close friends: talking to your close friends about your problem or situation can help you better in venting out your emotions.

8) Seek medical help: if your aggressive behavior gets out of control daily and is stopping your Personal growth then you should seek medical help.

By : Tanushka Sharma