How To Prevent Wastage Of Water?

Education News | Jul-20-2021

How To Prevent Wastage Of Water?

Water is amongst the top few things without which mankind or be it any living organism can’t survive. Around 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water out of which most is covered by oceans and seas. Due to urbanization and modernization, factories and huge residential properties are built which have a lot of accommodation. This development is important because of the increasing population. Increasing population results in great and careless demand for natural resources like water. A lot of water is wasted each day due to carelessness and misusing. Though water is a renewable natural resource it is believed that we might run out of water if we keep using it the way we are till 2040. It’s already 2021. It is time to understand the value of this precious resource and prevent its wastage. So, let’s list some ways to prevent the wastage of this prized resource.

1) Use washing devices only when they are full:

Using washing machines and dishwashers when the load is not full is unnecessarily wasting water. This is because the amount of water used is much more than needed, thus wastage. It is better to wait sometime till dishes or clothes increase and wash them all together.

2) Reuse RO discharge water:

When filters and RO’s purify water, the wastewater is released from a discharge pipe. This water is not fit for drinking but can be used for other purposes. For example, this water is completely ok for watering plants, cleaning windows, and washing stuff.

3) Bathing and Brushing:

If you really want to contribute to preventing water wastage then stop showering. It is better to bathe using a bucket and a mug. It helps in saving water. Also, make it a habit to close the tap while brushing.

4) Fix leaking taps:

Leaking taps look like just a drop is getting wasted but nobody notices that drop by drop liters of water is wasted. Fixing such taps is very important. Due to COVID, we are avoiding calling over people so, for the time being instead of getting it repaired keep a mug or any vessel under the leaking tap in order to store the leaking water for later use.

These were just a few in hundreds of ways to prevent water wastage. Let’s pledge to prevent water wastage and use it carefully.

By: Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida