How to Save Kaveri River?

Education News | Jul-27-2020

How to Save Kaveri River?

Kaveri, is an Indian river flowing through Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The Kaveri river had its source at Talakaveri in the Western Ghats Mountains Range. The sharing of waters of the Kaveri river has been the origin of a consequential issue between the two states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The root of this conflict rests in two agreements in 1892 and 1924 between the Madras Presidency and the Kingdom Of Mysore. 

Based on the invasion, Karnataka is due to stipulating its due share of water from the river. It states that the pre-independence agreements are void and are favourable towards Madras Presidency. Tamil Nadu entreats that it has already developed almost 30,00,000 acres of land and as a result has come to depend very heavily on the subsisting pattern of usage. Any change in this pattern will badly affect the lives of millions of farmers. 

Pollution in the Kaveri River has emerged as another major concern over India. The board also found that the river Kaveri has a biological oxygen demand, a key measure of water quality of over 3 mg per liter. If this situation sustained, the demand for water for drinking and industrial use would soon be troublesome.

The administration led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, like the other authorities that preceded it, has been cautious about river pollution since its a major issue. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev led the Isha foundation has come up with a distinctive idea to revive the dying river. Sadhguru is the draughtsman of ‘Kaveri Calling’ - an enormous campaign focused on the rejuvenation of the river and to overcome farmers’ distress. A cognizance rally for the campaign was launched on August 4 which covers 28 districts in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the Kaveri basin.

By: Hardik Pandey

Class 10

DAV Public School