Impact of Junk Food on Our Health

Impact of Junk Food on Our Health

Junk food, also popularly known as Fast Foods, are luscious for our taste buds but they are unhealthy and do affect our body in many different ways. Few examples of Junk Foods are Pizza, Burger, Fries, Nuggets, etc.

As we all know Junk Food is something the whole world craves about but at the same time, it is not good for our health and immune system.

Junk food, if eaten in large volumes, can cause a lot of problems along with major diseases.

All across the world junk food is prepared with a combination of:

Refined Oil

Refined flour or Maida

Artificial Flavouring

High Fructose corn syrup

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

Excess intake of junk food can lead to:



Respiratory Problems


Digestive issues



The above diseases can lead to various health problems such as:

Obesity can lead to heart diseases and stroke.

Cholesterol leads to high blood pressure

Respiratory problems include asthma and shortness of breath

Depression leads to anxiety attacks

Digestive Problems can lead to GALLSTONES.

All these effects sound SCARY but this is what Junk food does to our body and reduces our immunity.

To prevent them, all we have to do is avoid Fast Food or Junk Food. If we cannot avoid it completely and really feel like having it, then we can satiate our taste buds once in a while, with little portions of the same.

In our daily food intake routine, we should include healthy food like leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, pulses, and more importantly hygienic home-made food.

So let us remember healthy eating (equivalent to avoiding Junk food) is a way of life that everyone can follow irrespective of who and where they are from.

I would like to conclude with the famous quote by our Father of Nation Shri. Mahatma Gandhiji -


So friends, avoid junk food to stay healthy and happy...

By: Ishana Rajnish

School: Delhi Public School, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida

Class: 7th

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