Impact of Yoga on Human Psychology

Education News | May-29-2022

Impact of Yoga on Human Psychology

"Yoga" is an artwork of awareness on the Canvas of Mind, Body, and Soul which combines physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Yoga is the ancient tradition of exercise practiced in India and a blend of physical and mental impacts on body health. It has various approaches that are formed on three major core elements: Physical postures, breathing exercises, and Spiritual contemplation. It is widely believed to have health advantages and is even attached to the Human Psychology and so "Impacts the Human Psychology" in many beneficial ways. The physical advantages of yoga are visible to everyone but the role it plays in the Mental Battlefield is equally significant. Let's discuss the major "Impacts of Yoga on Human Psychology" that is on the Mental Battlefield:

1) Yoga is extremely beneficial for anxiety because whenever we practice yoga by performing postures or meditation, we aim to come into this present moment. We do that by focusing on our breath and our postures since when we are spending time in the present moment, we are becoming relaxed and away from the overwhelmed stress of the future upcoming.

2) Yoga is even good for depression. So, unlike anxiety when we are living in the future, depression is a time when we are usually stressed and depressed by the past. We might be sad or upset but practicing yoga helps us to get relieved the tension.

3) Another benefit covered by yoga is how yoga is good for the relationship individuals have with themselves. It helps in making time to get out of the hectic schedule and letting the body know at a subconscious level that it is worth 'self-love' because we are getting in tune with our breath and our body. We become aware of the body and the mind and start quitting down itself and hence developing a positive relationship of calmness with ourselves.

Hence, Yoga helps the Human to become more patient, calm, peaceful, satisfied, and relaxed. Thus, Yoga develops compassion for oneself and "Impacts the Human Psychology" drastically.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School