Importance Of Career Counseling

Education News | Nov-01-2021

Importance Of Career Counseling

A career needs to be handled with care as the future of an individual depends on that. At some stages of student life, important decisions regarding the career need to be made. In these times, students require professional help to figure out what would be best for their future. But this help is not only required by students but also people dealing with any sort of career crisis. Career counseling has the following advantages: -

1) The clarity in goals: When one discusses their goals with a professional, they get a clearer view of what they want to achieve in life.
2) Paves the path: When the goal is clear, the only help needs would be the path to reach it. Paving the path is more unclear than setting eyes on the goals. Every step in this process needs to be made professionally while also taking care that it makes the goal closer.
3) Help in figuring the weak areas: Counselling helps you figure out your weakness and strengths so that working on them could be easier and could fetch greater results.
4) New opportunities: Talking to a person broadens your view towards a lot of things, you can understand new professions which one was unaware of for a long time. There might be a new perspective in the same field or new jobs/work in the same industry.
5) More doors: With a career counselor one learns how to use instruments/tools such as CV, internships, and co-curricular in the right manner to achieve the best of their capabilities.

Alike when we consult a doctor for medical issues, career problems should also be dealt with in the same care.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School