Importance of Life Skill Education in Schools

Education News | Jun-01-2021

Importance of Life Skill Education in Schools

Life Skills are the skills that help a child to develop their basic set of knowledge through learning or by direct interaction of life experience for effectively handling the issues and problems in their daily life. Life skills include being creative, thinking critically and analytically, problem-solving, decision making, and capturing the ways to communicate. These are the most basic skills that are required for an individual in the 21st century to deal with the environment and smart people. Our democratic country, India certainly needs such people to make the citizens informed and active about worldly things and be aware of their rights and duties.

In today’s world, a few reputed schools only have one period of life skills in a week, but then what about the schools that didn’t provide those services. Hence, the schools need to empower life skills education so that students can make the best of their life. Every school should compulsorily have one period in a week where should are made to play mind games and puzzles along with solving their life problems by interacting with the counselor or the life skill educator. Life skills teach students to have a good interaction with their colleges and relatives, brainstorming- how to develop ideas quickly and spontaneously by helping students to think out of the box and discovering something innovative, ways by which we can analyze the case studies, by helping students to think about a local problem and developing a prediction or a story out of that. It is important to understand that life skills are not just for students but also teachers so that they can guide their students properly.

Currently, students always question their self-esteem and often negotiate with themselves while working or studying because they lack confidence and motivation. Students generally fail to cope with their stressors like examination, peer pressure, family pressure, etc, and end up doing something that is never expected by the child. So, life skills make students understand that why and how we should not think about this, and if we do then what will be the parameters for resolving that issue with proper time management. Whenever you implement life skills in your life you would be able to manage your time and work properly because these skills are the medicine of your life problems. Make sure you have to find a solution to a problem not a problem to a problem.

To conclude, life skills are a must to engross students to make a child aware of what is self-respect and how should we a child achieve it by dealing with tactics of life skills.

By: Hitanshi Arora