Internet surfing for Science Education

Internet surfing for Science Education

The internet is like a big hall full of knowledge. A google search is a place where we can find all the answers no matter how important they are. Science requires a lot of theory along with practical knowledge. Internet connection helps us in research for a project and also provides extra information about the related topics. 

Science is a field where there is a theory for almost everything, and there is a logic behind it. We find a lot of answers on google related to scientific topics even though we aren't sure about their applicability. Though some sites provide to the point and right answers, some do not. The relevant sites always attribute their content. It shows who has written all the content or from where they got it.

Before conducting science-related research, keep the following points in your mind: 

Your beliefs- When we conduct research, we tend to be more inclined towards what we believe. The sites which highlight our opinions have our attention. While doing scientific research, try not to be biased about the topic so that you gain more knowledge. There are always two sides to the coin; your view may be correct along with someone else's. Everyone has their own theories. 

Being creative- There is art, even in science. All the researchers were able to think outside the box to know about new things.

Books as a good source- Written texts tend to be facts most of the time. Trust a book more than an internet connection. Written texts cannot be edited after publishing, so they are true. 

Now, you need to know about the relevant sites to research-

Google Scholar- This site has cut out information directly from journals, publications, research, and reference papers to help you in your research. 

Scirus- this site only has data from scientist websites and homepages along with government-related data.

Reach out to a local scientist- some scientists are available to answer questions online or near you. be aware of people near you and, the information gathered from scientists will lead to good research. 

Wikipedia might seem to provide all the information, yet it is not a relevant site for researching. Anyone can edit the information provided on Wikipedia. Science is a practical field based on theoretical knowledge. Both online and offline research is necessary for having a relevant base for your topic. 


By Muskan Srivastava

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