Is E-schooling Is a Positive Development?

Is E-schooling Is a Positive Development?

As of corona virus period the schools are going online which means e-school as it was important for students because they have to complete their schooling. Schools organize their classes in Microsoft teams, zoom etc. E-schooling might be a good idea as E-schooling is more efficient then school because you can keep an update of what school will notify and you can attend it where you there. Most of students will not miss classes of school as you can attend anywhere. You can communicate with each other easily as you won’t have wait that another day will come and you go and communicate. Teachers can represent anything by screen sharing, as of before teachers have to wait that where their white board is. They are some disadvantages of e-schooling that are first and the biggest which is internet issue. When issue comes then the students misses the important thing which he/she has to know and if the teacher announces something and in that same time internet issue comes so, the student will not understand that what the teacher is saying. Another one is eyes problem. As you probably know that school time period is around 5 or 6 hours and the school has to maintain their classes but  they also should understand that 5/7 days and 5 or 6 hours of school might lead to wear glasses and the last but not the least which is social environment as you are at home. No one is there to meet with any buddy leaving your mom and dad. So, students might get bored of this. So, with all of this I think we shouldn’t say that e-schooling is positive development.

 By: Ansh Srivastava 

Class: 5

Delhi World Public School

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