Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

How truly it is stated, "the power of knowledge is the power to see beyond deception, the power to block inquiry, the power to know things that others cannot see, the power to maintain your integrity, the power to discern danger and the power to recognize a true friend and ally". Knowledge is something that someone not just acquires from education it is something that every person should acquire through their hard work. It is a thing which can make the poorest the richest person and the wealthiest person the most foolish person on earth. Well, it is the richest thing a person can own. To your amaze, it is the most profitable thing on earth because you gain more and more knowledge as you share it with other people. As you keep on sharing your valuable information, you influence people and somehow convince them to be on your side and ultimately you become an influential leader. Be it APJ Abdul Kalam or Mahatama Gandhi, Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton, all of them had one thing in common, that they were always sure of whatever they said and with proofs of all the discoveries they did and they were able to do this because they knew their various subjects. Knowledge isn't something that is inherited from our ancestors, we just have to widen it on our own, we need to acquire it with our determination and will power. India is known as the land of " Jugaad" because Jugaad is something that you get with the execution of your imagination. and imagination is another jewel that you gain with knowledge. NASA or ISRO are what they are today not just because people are well educated there or they have mastered in astronomy but also because they have the power of knowledge. We often notice that intellectual people are more matured than other people around. Have you wondered why? I know you must have guessed it, you are right- its knowledge. its the power of knowledge which allows them to clearly differentiate between good and bad and hence be on the right track. Now this power of knowledge is not necessarily to be positive every time. Frankly speaking, the power of knowledge once acquired and lays in the hand of the person and goes in the directed direction. If you are using this ultimate power for the well being, for sure you will achieve your goal but if you are using this power for some negative cause then you may land up being evil in people's eye. having knowledge also equips us with the quality of leadership.

Most of us have heard that little knowledge is dangerous. It is so much true and this one little line can save us from many great disasters. Having no knowledge is far better in such cases. having half information is a kind of weapon that you carry around with yourself which is ready for destruction. in such situations, having patience is very essential. to be very honest we all must analyze whatever we speak and it's a tip that we all should keep in mind. Procrastination is one of the enemies of knowledge, It is one thing that resists a person from getting onto work. so it is very important for us to comeover the procrastination. And unless you are determined, no power in this universe can lead you to the path of success. You need to be determined and focussed. and that's obvious. You have to work hard to achieve something be it knowledge or food!

Summing it up, knowledge is a precious jewel that every person wants to own but is hard to achieve.

By: Anvi Tyagi

School: Delhi World Public School

Class: 8th

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