Learning In Schools

Education News | May-13-2021

Learning In Schools

What is the first thing one thinks about when someone says the school in between a conversion? Play School? Primary? Secondary school? College? Despite the level of education, they are all important in their way. The first reason why one should go to school is that school helps one find their major. Ever since Primary school, the teachers keep on asking students about the career they would like to pursue in their future. When those students get promoted to Secondary classes they begin to gravitate towards a particular disciple or field of study and when they enter college a particular discipline may be chosen and pursued. The School does not only prepare us for our future but also to face the real world. Time management, stress, and decision-making begin in the classroom. The purpose behind giving homework is to make students more discipline and to make them learn how they can prioritize specific assignments and activities.

The third reason why to go to school is that school helps me develop networking and social skills. A student is surrounded by other students in the classroom, playgrounds, and assembly so students have to socialize and make friends throughout their educational career. The friendship during school will help a student in public speaking as well as inputting their opinions confidently. By going to school, one will able to learn something throughout their journey in playschool and primary, especially secondary school and college, if attended, compared to those who do not pursue a higher echelon of learning. For example, one who attends school on regular basis will retain a good amount of knowledge compared to someone who does not have an education being imparted on him/her. The fifth and final reason why one should go to school is that school helps develop an interest in extracurriculars.

For example, a student who attends school can take part in different school activities. That student can develop interest and talent in music, dance, drama, sports, clubs, and many other extracurricular activities, thus, it shows that how important it is for one to go to school. Education is a key tool in life and school is a place where the growth and expansion of student character take place.

By- Manshi Bisht

Content- ‘https://wybeaconnews.org/6320/college/5-reasons-why-one-should-go-to-school/’

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