Mugging Vs Learning and Understanding

Education News | May-11-2021

Mugging Vs Learning and Understanding

In today's competitive world, people are always on the run. They want to be the first ones who cross that invisible ribbon they've built for themselves. Even, the students are in a zone where they do not study to gain knowledge and to increase their skill-set. The study, initially to surpass every one of their class, then to pass their boards, and afterward to get admission in their dream colleges. At the end of the day, they study just to get marks which won't even matter after a certain amount of time in their life. And the thing which most of the students call "studying", the students don't even remember half of it after the completion of their exams. Because, they do not study any of the topics, the least care about any of them. What they do is called memorizing.

After all, in the three-hour exam where you're just supposed to vomit the answers as fast as possible, they find no use to find the logic behind what they are studying. And their year-round studying turns into mugging sessions. They just end up remembering the words and sentences without bothering about the meaning of the sentence. This might help them in gaining better marks for their respective exams, but what knowledge are they getting through all of that? Some Corporate Institutions are even supporting this phenomenon because all they care about - is the Brand Image of the Institution. Parents are encouraging it because they want their children to earn a good reputation.

But at the end of the day, neither the teachers nor the parents are getting the point that they are doing nothing but spoiling the further career of their children. In today's 21st century, due to this exact reason, the job sector doesn't care about the marks much apart from some technical courses like Engineering and Medical. Corporates now focus on the skills and the depth of knowledge possessed by the candidates. But the basic of the knowledge, the root of that knowledge is grasped when a child is in their 1st grade. And that is exactly why, either the Indian Education system should change itself or the parents and the school community need to change their perspectives on it. Learning is irrespective of the number of marks a child is getting or the amount of syllabus that a student has been able to finish within the due time. Learning should come from within, and it should not be given a period or a deadline. Because, if you are not giving your child that safe space to understand a particular topic, how do you expect them to be that fast, and just like a horse, start racing towards the syllabus completion which will end up as nothing after a certain period.

By: Anisha