Nations Joined Hands to Disrupt EMOTET

Education News | Feb-03-2021

Nations Joined Hands to Disrupt EMOTET

EMOTET is the most dangerous malware. Cybercops of 9 nations teamed together to disrupt it. The botnet is a term to define a network of hijacked computers that are used to carry out cyberattacks. EMOTET is recognized as one of the world’s most dangerous pieces of malware. It allows criminal gangs to install ransomware and steal data from the users of computers. Thus, the law enforcement authorities of 9 nations have joined forces to disrupt EMOTET.
It is said that investigators have taken control of the infrastructure behind this botnet known as EMOTET. This is said by European Union police and judicial agencies Europol and Eurojust. The international operation was conducted by the authorities in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Lithuania, Canada, and Ukraine. The two Hague- based agencies coordinated the international operation in which nations participated. It is said by the Dutch prosecutors that this malware was first discovered in 2014. The infrastructure of the EMOTET malware used to work as a primary opener for computer systems worldwide. The main servers for this infrastructure were based in the Netherlands and the third one was somewhere in an undisclosed country, said by Dutch prosecutors.
The national prosecutor’s office said that hundreds of millions of euros (dollars) of damage was caused by EMOTET. The malware was delivered to computers in infected email attachments containing word documents. Dutch prosecutors also said that a variety of attractions were used to trick unsuspecting users so that they open these malicious attachments. The agency said that the infected systems of victims have been redirected towards the law enforcement-controlled infrastructure.

By: Kiara Sharma

Mahaveer Public School