Photography as a Career

Education News | Aug-14-2020

Photography as a Career

Years ago, people know photography as a hobby profession only, but it has now emerged in a big way. With the boom in the media industry, photography has emerged as a profitable and thrilling new age career option for many Indian youths. A photographer must be able to create a good composition of elements, a portrait, scenery, or a child's smile. It is rightly said that a single picture can sometimes be much more eloquent than a thousand words. The subject requires inborn instinct, observation power, training, a degree of discipline, practice, and an eye for detail apart from an intelligent, curious, and perceptive mind. A photographer must have the ability to capture the details with his creative ability to catch a picture well in his camera.

Many photographers begin working as a photographer’s assistant. Some may have a certificate in photography – or even just a high school diploma. They may gain a competitive edge with more education. The most company prefer applicants who have been formally trained have in-depth knowledge of this career as opposed to amateurs who may not be as knowledgeable in many of the technical and creative aspects of the career. 

  •  Choose the Right Education: There are photography programs designed to match each student’s career goals and likes. Photography programs are available from the certificate to the master’s level. There are several types of photography specialties to choose from. Students usually choose to focus on one area, such as Portrait photography, Commercial photography, Scientific and industrial photography, Aerial photography, Fine art photography
  • Internship: Internships provide students an opportunity to engage in photographic workshops and fieldwork to explore the technical, creative, and logistical aspects of photography both in a studio and on location.
  •  Take Exam for Certificates: There are numerous certifications available for photographers, some of which are offered by the Professional Photographers Association. Examples of certifications include: Certified Professional Photographer, Certified Forensic Photographer, Registered Biological Photographer
  •  Find A job: Most schools have a career center that can assist with job interview tips and help students write effective resumes and cover letters. Students should leverage this resource to find a job.

By: Janvi Aggarwal

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