Plan Your Schedule For Exam Effectively

Plan Your Schedule For Exam Effectively

Exams in India are not just a matter of a few weeks. They are like a season of tension. Be it the student or the parents, all are in an extremely serious mood. Apart from the pressure of scoring 100%, the pressure of completing the whole syllabus in a short span of time is also a big deal!

Coping with both pressures is equally important and obviously pretty hard. We are our biggest enemy. Not actually us, but our habit of procrastinating. We often convince ourselves to study a day before. But, a hurried last-minute study does not register well in the memory and the self-confidence drops, thereby raising the stress levels. Further, when the body is not experiencing smooth functioning, like lack of sleep, it tends to get overworked and the focuses away from the exams. In these situations, we don't do justice with our bodies.

Balancing our mental health and physical health during this time is a necessity. We should start our preparations beforehand to save ourselves from stressful foremath. There is a Hindi kahavt -'Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab, pal me pralay hogi bahuri karega kab?' PROCRASTINATION is our most important enemy. We often lose in the battle with time not because time is less but because we fail to manage it effectively. We should learn to respect time. 'Time and tide wait for none'. As said before regarding the preparations for the exam, we should be determined to follow it with all our power. Preparing a personalized study schedule is the best way out. Schedule may vary from person to person because it depends on the student's capability to study in a day. Now on what basis you should make your study schedule? Right? 

-First of all right down all the things you want to do in a day. Including from your morning rituals to some leisure time.

-Once done with it, grade your performance in the subjects. This will help you balance your time that you will invest in studying all the subjects.

-Calculate the number of hours that you will study in a day. (be true to yourself)

-Apart from just spending time in learning, allot some time for revision.

- Be honest with your self and follow the timetable religiously.

-Don't forget to add breaks in between.

-Don't study 1 subject for a long time. Mix up your subjects to make your learning better.

-Give some time to memorize your basic concepts every day.

-Do not burden yourself with the study. Take out some time for some fun!

These are some time which might help you in preparing yourself for your exams effectively. Don't stress yourself. Just keep going with the flow. Don't lose your hope. 

Best of luck with your exams!



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