Popularity of Indian Classical Music among Youth

Education News | Jan-05-2021

Popularity of Indian Classical Music among Youth

Youngsters are taking tons of interest in fine arts, particularly serious music. Globally, in countries just like the UK, USA, Sri Lanka, Canada, and New Zealand thousands of kids are learning music. “I am happy to mention that an excellent crop of musicians are coming from of these countries and performing within the December season in Chennai and it's referred to as NRI festival.”

Among the younger generation, people with B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees and doctorate-holders are taking music as a profession and performing, attaining fame, and pursuing it on an incredible basis at a global level. there's no worry concerning classicism.

In the film world too, more musicians, youngsters with an honest grasp of the grammar of classical Carnatic music are entering the sector and singing, and that they have the facility to notate everything set by the conductor. The best people gave me all the opportunities to blossom into the greatest artiste in mrudangam and response I even have to try to do an equivalent thing for kids. I even have to try to do it in reciprocity and this is often my mission in life,” he asserts. Earlier, I used to be playing for less than 10 sabhas in Chennai. Now the amount is 200.

Jyoti Nayak

Birla School, Pilani