Positive social interactions in classrooms

Education News | Dec-06-2020

Positive social interactions in classrooms

Social interactions earlier were termed as having conversations with a social gathering on a place where everybody is familiar with a collective thought. Presently technology has blessed us by its networking attributes where everybody is connected to the global village, largely.

But social interactions are mostly done by those who are extroverts. An extrovert is a personality trait which generally co-relates to a personality of a person who is open to all types of conversations and is a mood-setter of a gathering. Extroverts always become the interest of a room. Their presence is often noticed and people tend to memorize more a personality trait like this.

On the other side introvert is that personality trait, that is not even close to a person who is an extrovert. One can found an introvert person extraordinary in social gatherings or they continue to persist shy throughout the conversations in a group.

Neurologist and neuroscientists have found in their researches that people were forcing themselves, to isolation, and they do crave for social relationships then. Social interactions are not just conversations where people sit together and spend time sometimes social interactions become a mental therapy for those who are always aiming to escape their daily routines.

It is often acknowledged that shyness is a type of behaviour seen among children. To eliminate isolation from a human being at an early age that they find pleasure in their school activities and classrooms. The reason for finding pleasure in such rooms is that positive social interactions are a fundamental human desire that encourages to exclude loneliness among human behaviour.

Positive social interactions are one of those needs that sometimes fill up gaps of emptiness. If we experiment and cave for food that we like the most then there will be sensations in our brain activity which is often related to mental imbalance or suddenly our body craves for those needs.

The effect of no social interactions is quite similar to hunger cravings for a human being!

So it is really important for a mental well being to have little time for all our social connections and social relationships so that on a personal note we are mentally fulfilled too. By spending time with the people we want or with the people we need is the antidote of all types of mental problems that a human could suffer.

By Kanika Vij