Role Of School In Preparing You For Career?

Education News | Feb-24-2022

Role Of School In Preparing You For Career?

Education is the most important thing for human beings. It is a continuous and lifelong process. It brings a great change in our life. Life becomes prosperous and meaningful. It is the foundation of human development. It is said that education is the third eye of human beings. So this lifelong process begins from school which prepares us for a future. The role of school in every individual life plays a very important step in the career.

A career is one of the most important and difficult decisions of life indeed and the lack of proper counseling and guidelines has further complicated the matter. Career decides the future of every individual. The choice of career option can lead to a happy, prosperous, and satisfying life while a wrong decision may result in failure and disappointment. This important decision for career and future begins from school in which we decide what we have to become according to that profession which chooses our streams. From the very first day of our school, we are preparing for our careers unknowingly. The school and teacher play a major role in one's career. If the school management pays attention to the student the student can be more focused on their career. The teacher also plays a very important role in preparing one for the career because of some teachers the students pay attention towards their studies and for their career.

Not only by education the school also organize many extracurricular activities which help a student to develop their personality. These extracurricular activities also help many children who are weak or do not have an interest in studies to explore many more career options accept of education. The school also prepares students for many competitions by making participate them in many olympiads. Many school teachers also motivate and boost the confidence of students by talking to them in a friendly manner. By playing sports activities in the school we are also able to understand what sport we can choose as their career. In many more ways, the school has an individual to focus on their career. The school also motivate students to take part in the various small competition organized by the school in building confidence in school to participate in the higher-level competition or face career challenges.

There is many more way in which school prepares a student career. The school is the second home of every student where he/ she learned many lessons for their future life and also work hard for their future.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School