Set Priorities: Use Time Efficiently

Set Priorities: Use Time Efficiently

“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine” is an English proverb that says if we avert our work for the next day then we may come in a problematic situation. It defines the importance of time and people need to value their time by using it efficiently. 

It certainly means precaution is better than cure. Use your time efficiently. According to many successful individuals, time is money. There are only 24hrs in a day so the blessing of time is very limited to every human being. Also, the average human life expectancy probably ranges from 80-90 years. This certainly means one can’t afford to waste time. Hence “A Stich in Time Saves Nine” avoids wastage in time.

This will also help in reducing your effort. Dealing with any problem needs a certain amount of effort. However, with delays, the problem becomes harsher. Now dealing with that more difficult problem requires more effort. So, following this proverb saves your effort too. Another advantage of learning this concept is better decision making. A person who delays all problems and work will have a shortage of time. Consequently, this problem would become stressful and nervous. Due to which poor decision making will result.

Small negligence may be very harmful to someone in the future like if someone has a habit of taking drugs or alcohol then it’s better to leave such habits at its initial stage before it goes to the final stage where it can’t get cured and if a person is strongly addicted of drugs or alcohol, it would be too difficult for them to get rid of these habits which will ultimately cause more. To make things work according to us we need to follow time management in our daily routine life. Due to lazy nature sometimes, people ignore the bad impact of delaying things for further which should not be acceptable by anyone.

A before taken precaution and a little bit commitment of time management towards your work, family, society, or nation would definitely result in a positive manner. Thus, it’s always better to make things completed on time despite leaving it for tomorrow whether the problem or task is related to physical, personal, or social.

By: Janvi Aggarwal


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