Smart Grid Technology as a Renewable Energy Resource

Education News | Sep-12-2022

Smart Grid Technology as a Renewable Energy Resource

Smart grid technologies bring the functionality of computers and communication systems to bear on the power supply network. There are several ways in which smart grid technologies can be used to help maintain system stability. One of the most important is automated demand management. By setting up rapid communication systems that link the grid operator to the consumers, signals can be passed from one to the other to control the loads that are connected at different times.

At an industrial level, certain large consumers will agree to a reduced tariff with the condition that if demand begins to outstrip supply they will temporarily shut down some or all of their operations to reduce the system load. This type of demand management can be fully automated with shutdown activated at different trigger points. However, in many cases, the companies involved will require notice of an impending cutoff to shut down in a controlled manner.

With the development of smart grid technologies, an increasing number of new devices and participants have joined modern energy systems and are inevitably making them more complicated and interdependent than ever. Optimally controlling such a complex energy system and maintaining its operation in a high-efficient, secure, and resilient manner are challenging tasks for the system operators. Fortunately, the revolution in deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), both from hardware and algorithms perspectives, has provided new ideas and solutions to many previously intractable problems.

The Smart Grid is an excellent technology, which offers more opportunities for the nation as a whole. However, the implementation of the technology, if not accompanied by proper legislation and thorough civil education might prove to be futile.

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