Student Diversity In The Classroom

Education News | Sep-25-2021

Student Diversity In The Classroom

Classrooms are meant for education and learning. Education does not differentiate between race, caste, creed, and color. Education is a right of every human being may they be from different backgrounds. People from all backgrounds come to a single place called a classroom to gain knowledge and exercise their right to attain education.

Every human is different and so is every student. Every single student is different and that creates the diversity of a classroom. No two students are the same. Some of the different types of students that can be found in the classrooms are-

1) Class Clowns- These are the students who like to make the class laugh and distract the class from the objective.
2) Artists- These students are the most helpful when creativity and art are required in any work.
3) Restless- These students are continuously fidgeting and cannot stay at one place for the love of God. This disturbs the peace of class while other students are trying to focus on the work.

To survive in a diverse environment like a classroom one needs to learn what to entertain and what not to entertain. Sometimes the teachers should be willing to let go of some things unnoticed as to not disturb the peace of the class environment. Diversity is to be cherished and not frowned upon. Some things that can be learned from the diversity of a classroom are-

1) Coping with people from different backgrounds- one doesn’t always meet the same people like them so knowing how to cope with different people always comes in handy in life.
2) Knowing when to react- Some people thrive on attention to make them stop disturbing the environment.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School