Sustainable Development Concept & Components

Education News | Jun-20-2022

Sustainable Development Concept & Components

In the modern world, the pace at which resources are used is indeed a matter of huge concern for countries and international organizations. There was a stressful situation and a need to have problem-solving reforms. Hence, alarmed by Limited Resource Availability the International Organisations decided to put laws and ensure that proper procedures are followed to manage and regulate the usage of resources. Under the "Brundtland Report" a new way to save resources was found and termed "Sustainable Development". Sustainable Development is a development that means the needs of the future generation is filled without compromising the need and want of the present generation. Therefore Sustainable Development is focused on solving the issue of limited resources of the Earth and hence, improving the quality of life for all people without increasing the pressure on nature to replenish the resources.

Sustainable Development enhances the ability of nature to replenish resources with the extended capability of the environment to supply the resources for use also. This Sustainable Development is therefore a topic that has many aspects of the world covered in it. For achieving the objectives of Sustainable Development, 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) were set up to meet these objectives of Sustainable Development. There are three major components of sustainable development covered in these 17 goals which are:

1) Environment: The Sustainable Development Goals have a major part focused to solve environmental issues and problems. It deals with ecological imbalance, climate changes, Global tension, and natural phenomena. It involves all the steps taken to prevent any environmental problem.

2) Social: Society is a major part of the life of any individual and influences the people largely. Social issues put affect mental and physical conditions and influence the well-being of people. Thus, it is also tackled through the SDGs.

3) Economical: Economical Factors and Aspects are the most significant phase of SDGs. Financial Conditions are the most complex and deal with all poverty, health, and nutrition-related issues promoting human well-being.