The Father of English Poetry

Education News | Jan-13-2021

The Father of English Poetry

Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the best poets of European countries. He is known to be the father of English poetry. It does not mean that there was no poetry or poets in European countries before him. However, before Geoffrey Chaucer, there was no National language. There have been just a variety of regional languages. Geoffrey Chaucer used one of these languages, Middle English. By the force of his genius, he raised it to the amount of the national language of a European country. Chaucer was, therefore, the father of English poetry and also the father of the English language. He is the primary national author of a European country. There have been ordering poets conjointly in his time. They were John Gower and William Langland. However, their poetry is a small scan and enjoyed these days. On the contrary, Geoffrey Chaucer continues to be as recent and pleasurable as once he lived and wrote.

Geoffrey Chaucer stands at the tip of the middle ages and also the starting of the modern age. His poetry reflects the medieval spirit. It conjointly reflects the Renaissance. Renaissance was initially started in European countries in his age. Geoffrey Chaucer was tribute extremely to his genius for consequent 100 and fifty. Regarding 100 seventy years later, we tend to get the poet who is considered the poet's author. He's being enjoyed with an equivalent enthusiasm these days despite the lapse of 5 centuries. However, in the meantime, the English language has undergone radical changes. He stands head and shoulders higher than his contemporaries and successors and Father of English Poetry.

Chaucer's modernism is best mirrored in his realism. He reflects the $64000 lifetime of Britain of his day. He began his career by following the tradition of code of conduct, allegory, and dramatic poetry. However, he before long discarded this tradition and turned his eyes to the life and folks of his times. Within the narrative, he involves his own. His introduction to the narrative is an associate degree epitome of a fourteenth-century European country. With a nice force and realism, he has painted the life and folks of his times. His realism is obscurity seen to a higher advantage than within the delineation of character. During this respect, A.C. Ward says, "Chaucer is that initial nice painter of Character.” With som

By: Maansi Yadav

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